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Himalaya College of Science and Technology Swabi is registered with Board of Technical Education KPK, Board of intermediate and Secondary Education Mardan and Trade Testing Board Peshawar. HCST Swabi started their formal activities in September 2014. The Administration of HCST Swabi feels proud to welcome you all at this popular and grooming college. Right from the establishment of the college in 2014, we have been working hard to meet the country demand of technical manpower especially in the field of engineering, applied sciences and management.
HCST Swabi is known for its excellence in quality education. We look forward for providing latest knowledge base, technological innovation and skill development to our students. Quality assurance and employability along with an appropriate trust on self employment and capacity development in national and international job market is our prime objective. To achieve this, exposure to latest educational tools and technologies, faculty development and collaboration with well known national and international institutions have been rather a practice at the HCST Swabi than a plan. We assure you that college management will never compromise when it comes to providing best possible quality engineering and management education. All kind of information regarding HCST Programs, Diplomas, Civil, Electrical, FSc(Pre Medical, Pre Engineering and ICS), Short courses, academic and non academic staff, policies, curriculums, fee structure, security , MIS, Biometric system, library , laboratories , examinations, etc are given in details in Prospectus.


Himalaya college of Science and Technology Swabi is to be the best college for students seeking career and educational opportunities.

Strategic imperatives

HCST has identified the following strategic imperatives as critical to our future success.

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Students success
  3. Innovation
  4. Employee Development
  5. Community Focus.


Himalaya college of Science and Technology Swabi drives personal and economic growth through technical education.

  1. To eradicate poverty which is the prolific mother of all social evils.
  2. To provide utility and skill-full education to the enthusiastic youth.
  3. To help the poor and needy section of the society to earn an honourable livelihood
  4. To provide quality and standard Technical and vocational trainings.
  5. To free the bulk of population from the clutches of traditional bonds.
  6. To raise the standard of living in the rural areas and to make it at par with the developed areas of the country.
  7. To create skilled manpower for our country.

Objectives (Goals)

HCST Swabi aims at creating a conducive environment particularly in the urban areas of KPK where man will not scorn other fellow
beings. Where mutual respect, labour, dedication to duty, loyalty to the nation, steadfastness and loves to labour and to work will
adorn the lapels of the society.
Where poverty, greed and self centeredness will hang its head .Our country has been bestowed by Almighty Allah with a variety of
the human and natural resources which can be utilized to its optimum level enhance the lives of its citizens. But unfortunately due
to social maladies and exploitation we have failed reach to our goals. The Institution not only aims to impart skills to the
individuals but works to create love and respect for manual work and labour which has been taught by Islam as the cherished
The institution has been working Since 2014 and has also been triumphant in achieving the objectives but to reach its ultimate
goal a long way has to go. HCST is in constant touch with the Governmental and non governmental organizations, for the
achievement of its goals.

Values and Principles

  1. Voluntarism
  2. Humanitarian
  3. Mutual Respect and honour
  4. Dedication, steadfastness, devotion
  5. Open mindness and impartiality
  6. Non-Politicise non- sectarianism



The canteen is situated within the college. It is open for all there is a separate seating arrangement for students and Staff. All types
of snacks, soft drinks and meals are available at subsidized rates.
The canteen opens at 9 am up to 4pm every day


HCST SWABI is working under the rules and regulation of their Education Boards. For this purpose HCST SWABI maintains all the
required labs which are full of all necessary equipment’s need for practical. Students use all these equipment’s at the time of
different practical work.


HCST SWABI also has the emergency medical facility for any accidental treatment .Fortunately HCST SWABI west wall is touched
with CENNA HOSPITAL where 24 hours medical services are available. In case of any problem regarding students and teachers
health,one can get medical treatment from this hospital

Power Backup

In case of load shedding, HCST SWABI has the
Generator facility to fulfill the need of classes
and labs. UPS is also used for storing CCTV
recording in case of load shedding.

Certified Teachers
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Management Committee

Sikandar Hayat

Managing Director

Sikandar Hayat

Managing Director

Sikandar Hayat

Managing Director


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